Yokohama National University Masters in Infrastructure Management Scholarships for Developing Nations: Apply Now

Yokohama National University, with a grant funded by the Government of Japan and administered by the World Bank under the Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program (JJWBGSP), is now seeking prospective students for its inter-faculty Master’s Degree Program in Infrastructure Management (IMP).

Course Level:


Eligible Countries:

Citizens of low and middle income World Bank member countries are eligible for the scholarships.

Host Country:


Value & Number of Scholarships:

Approximately 10 scholarships are allocated to the YNU program by the World Bank. Each scholarship provides a monthly allowance of JPY152,000 and a round-trip air ticket to Japan plus a travel allowance of USD500. The scholarship also covers tuition fees, the entrance examination fee and the admission fee.

Eligibility for the Scholarship:

Applicants must:

  • Be a national of a Bank member country that is eligible to receive Bank financing and not be a national of any country that is not eligible to receive the Bank financing;
  • Be in good health with respect to the capacity to be a productive scholar for the duration of the Graduate Program, as certified by a medical doctor;
  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent with superior academic achievement earned more than three (3) years before the Scholarship When is the application deadline?;
  • Not have received any scholarship funding to earn a Graduate degree or its equivalent from any other sources funded by the Government of Japan;
  • Be employed in a paid and fulltime position at the time of the Scholarship When is the application deadline? unless the applicant is from a country identified in the World Bank’s “Harmonized List of Fragile Situations”;
  • Have, by the time of the Scholarship When is the application deadline?, at least three (3) years of recent fulltime paid professional experience acquired in development-related work after a Bachelor’s Degree or its equivalent in the applicant’s home country or in another developing country; If the applicant is from a country in “Harmonized List of Fragile Situations” at the time of the Scholarship When is the application deadline?, the recent professional experience does not have to be fulltime or paid; and
  • Be under the age of forty-five (45) at the time of the Scholarship When is the application deadline?.

※ Priority Consideration will be given to applicants who:

  • Are 35 years or younger;
  • Can receive an official leave of absence during the period of study;
  • Are planning to return to the equivalent position (including the current one) in their home country after s/he completes the program;
  • Are recommended by appropriate government agencies; and
  • Submit Official English proficiency Test Scores ,(TOEFL/IELTS)

How to Apply for the Scholarship:

When applying, applicants must submit the following documents listed in the Scholarship Webpage link below to the Infrastructure Management Program Office, Graduate School of Urban Innovation

It is important to go through the application requirements of this scholarship before applying.

Scholarship Webpage Link

Application Deadline:

9th Nov 2018.

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